Nitrous and Sedation

Comfortable Inhalation Sedation Options

Do You Suffer From Sensitive Teeth?

If you struggle with teeth sensitivity or pain, sedation dentistry could be an option for you. Our team at Dental Associates Of Warner Robins will determine if sedation is the right plan for you!

Conscious Sedation Options

If you're getting teeth extracted or have sensitivity issues, nitrous oxide gas inhalation sedation can help you remain relaxed while a local anesthetic is given to reduce pain. Twilight sleep is also available.

IV Sedation

Similar to oral sedatives, IV sedation can help you remain completely relaxed during oral procedures. IV sedation doesn't provide pain relief; a local anesthetic will be administered as well!
Consult with our dental team to find out which sedation method is right for your needs. Call us at 
Ask about our option for dental or sedation methods for children or special needs patients.
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